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The Superman Syndrome

Published by: David Garfinkel on 09-23-2019

Do you ever wonder why the superstars in copywriting, and in other fields, got there?

A friend of mine, Dr. Ben Mack, told me about a book that has some unique insights on the subject. I’ve met a lot of outrageously successful people and I recognized them in every page of this book, even though their names weren’t in it.

I can also say that I know many highly successful copywriters that don’t fit all the descriptions in this book, but I see enough similarities so I am convinced it’s the real deal.

The book is called The Superman Syndrome: You are what you believe. By Dr. Gene N. Landrum. It’s not based on random magical thinking, but on documented facts and quotes from people who have, really, changed the world. It’s very imaginative and very practical, all at the same time.

In case you’re a woman, don’t feel left out. You’re included. Half of the superstars the author writes about are women. He doesn’t call them Supermen; he calls them Wonder Women.

I plucked five powerful ideas from the book so you can use them to notch your copywriting and your business up to the next level.

A lot of these ideas are counter-intuitive, so get ready for a wild ride and some surprises. I think you’ll end up being more optimistic than you expected.

Idea 1: Superstars are so dumb, they are smart

Idea 2: Overachievers Use Insecurity for Empowerment

Idea 3: Iconoclasts are Maniacs on a Mission to the Impossible

Idea 4: Supermen are Weak enough to be Strong

Idea 5: The Path to Empowerment is Paved with Myth and Paradox

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Superman Syndrome

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