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The 3 Temptations of Copywriting

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-18-2019

The famous investor Warren Buffett is famous for saying that when it comes to investing, he has two rules:

1) Never lose money.

2) See rule #1

To be sure, Warren Buffett hasn’t ALWAYS been able to follow these rules. Because, of course, he is an investor and some things are beyond his control. His insurance company General Re lost $2.4 billion after the attacks on 9-11.

Even so, his overall company reported a profit for 2001, though much smaller than the profit from the year before.

Now copywriting has rules, too. We’re going to focus on three of them. They’re not quite as clear-cut as Warren Buffett’s rules, but they’re just as important.

And unlike Warren Buffett’s rules for investing, the three copywriting rules are all tempting to break.

Everyone should know what these rules are and how to avoid temptation.

Even more important than the rules themselves are the sneaky ways temptation tries to get you to break them. In your mind, each one seems perfectly reasonable and logical.

On today’s show, we spend a little time on each rule and why it’s so important… and most of our time on the nine temptations that can lead you astray… hurt your sales… damage your customer relations… and even put your business at risk.

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