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Copywriting for Consistent Cash Flow

Published by: David Garfinkel on 11-25-2019

Our guest today Adam Bensman is both state-of-the-art and very old-school. Let’s start with the old-school part:

Adam started out as a door-to-door salesman. I call that “old school” because, well, first, I did that once. So did Gary Halbert. And nearly every experienced, successful copywriter I know says that the best possible training you can get for direct-response copywriting is face-to-face sales.

Adam has risen to the heights of the business world. He’s been COO of a multi-million dollar company. He’s written copy for high-end coaches, consultants, Software-as-a-Service companies and financial experts. He counts more than 10 million deliveries of emails he’s written, and says he has personally or contributed to nearly $100 million in sales in the last six years.


Now, here’s the state-of-the-art part. Remember I said old-school and state-of-the-art?

Adam has group and personal mentoring to help copywriters start earning from $10 to $25K per month in as little as 30 days.

I know you’ll want to hear about that.

Here are the questions he answered in today’s show.

1) Adam, today you are going to generously share with us some information that has made you and a lot of other copywriters a lot of money. More than that, it has provided a level of confidence and freedom most freelancers could only dream about.

The main topics we’re going to cover are discovering your niche, and getting paid for all the work of value that you really do for a client.

Let’s start with your own story. How did you discover this or otherwise figure it out yourself?

2) So let’s talk about discovering your niche. Could you tell us about a client who made this discovery for themselves, and especially how the thinking about it was very different from the way they were thinking about it before?

3) So if one of our listeners would like to do the same thing for their own copywriting business, what are the first two or three steps they should take?

4) Now you have another game-changer for us. I guess everyone on the writing side of the game grumbles copywriters don’t get paid what they’re worth — except for the top, top ones.

You have a way around it. Could you walk us through a story about someone who made the switch from not getting paid fairly to getting paid for everything they’re contributing to their client’s business, and how they made the shift?

5) I know in the time we have remaining you can’t walk us through the whole process, but could you give us some pointers on how you help people make the shift?

6) Finally, let’s talk about your services. I have this weird feeling there might be a few listeners who would like to get some of the results you’ve been telling us about today. What do you do, and how can people find out more about you and get in touch with you?

Adam’s website: BrainHickey

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